This book was derived from a blog maintained by Murielle Lefebvre for more than 3 years.  Through a series of almost daily posts, Murielle shared our homeschooling experience with a small audience who encouraged it with their enthusiastic comments.

Whether we call this trend “homeschooling” or “In-family instruction”, the progression is marked: more and more families have resorted to this method in order to better participate in their children’s teaching. Although ten years ago this practice was truly marginal, it has emerged since then as a viable alternative to traditional schooling.

After noticing that the practice was developing, and that it was sparking the interest of more and more families, we decided it was time to turn the blog into a book. To be sure, homeschooling raises many legitimate questions and hesitancies, and so there’s a need for a reference work to answer those questions and give real life examples.

The purpose of this book is to show you that it is relatively easy and very beneficial to school your own children.

This book is filled with a lot (more than 250) of photos “on the field”…

Montessori homeschooling

These pictures are not only illustrations, there are full part of the content of the book, as examples of “real life situation” in homeschooling.

Our book on the iPad
Another view of our book on the iPad

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