Those who have read our book will share their enthusiasm … The testimonies below (the first came from the French version wich is available since 2009) are reproduced as they are received (by email, but sometimes also by mail) …

Thank you for creating this book which I hope will help us make the decision to homeschool. Good luck and long life to your projects.

Séverine Qineys


I watched with pleasure the book. The book and the pictures are beautiful. That give me lots of ideas to work for my daughter although she 16. We are placed next to many interesting experiences since I left Montessori activities for sixth with CNED because I was afraid of controls. It is my regret.



it’s good, it’s easy to read is very well illustrated, it is credible, it’s motivating I read everythingat once instead of the emergency work!

good job

Congratulations and long live the free and voluntary learning



I look forward to applying what I found in your book …

A great source of inspiration colorful … Because, in addition, I loved the pictures that recreatethe atmosphere very well.

Well done – Noelle.


“This is a source of fresh thinking” … One would say, having read your book. I did not thinkthat this experience was possible, especially in France!

it makes you want to get started, I must admit …


I have only one word: Remarkable!

This book, illustrated with beautiful pictures, is very well designed and fun to read.

It shows, among other things, that learning may not be a chore, and that fully respects the child, you create in him the desire to learn.

This, in my opinion, is essential for a self-reliant and responsible. This book is rich in various resources and advice.

It answers many questions that often can arise as to what educational choice.

Not only effective in the sense of learning, it also emanates a pleasant scent of love, both of the parents towards their children and vice versa, but also in the realization of all activities.

Ultimately, more than just a guide, it is a wonderful testimony of love to give sincere desire to do school at home.

I recommend it quickly to all!



Nathanaëlle Bouhier Charles wrote:
> Hello,
> I just received and read your book:)
> Thanks for the quick shipping:), thank you for this testimony rich and alive!
> We also educate the family and will travel book, I put it already in the library of my group.
> I was particularly delighted to come across the note on the signs with babies:)
> Having lived ourselves in the U.S., we have experienced … and loved it!
> Excellent continuation, warm!
> Nathanaëlle Bouhier Charles


I just finished your book I read with great pleasure and enthusiasm. I searched for a long timeFrench books on this subject in vain. My brother who lives in the United States and who alsowrites books (William Reymond) showed me your site and seeing my book in difficulty findinginformation on this topic. I thank you for this very rich book. I have a little 4 year old daughterwhy I chose to education at home.

My choice is difficult because I live in a small town in southern France (worthy) and I knowone mom who made ​​the same choice as me and has changed his mind for the next school year! We therefore feel an isolation from this choice, which is sometimes difficult to manage and explain to a 4 year old. I am sure of my choice and I do not regret it, but a constant pressure of society (so when are you going to school ?…) and difficult to live at times.

… Thank you again for the hope you provide throughout our reading.

Johanna PICARD.


Congratulations on your latest book: very accessible to read and full of information informative and rewarding.

See you soon. G.


I devoured your book, for I am sick right now, we create stuff with my daughter, it’s very motivating your experience! Thank you again!



Dear author,

I found great satisfaction and a great encouragement through your book. All my friends and my parents greatly appreciated your work. And I congratulate you for these great discoveries. My name is N. and I have three children: 17, 12 and 4 years. They are all homeschooling ….

Sincerly yours, N.


I felt good at the end of reading your wonderful book. It is very rewarding and very encouraging to see that such experience is possible … I long to devote myself to my next child (my son is already in high school, too late for him, alas).

Nathalie Christmas.


Dear Murielle,

It is silent with admiration by browsing your pages such an adventure in France, it is a dream! I think Damien has everything it takes to progress in life now … I also carefully your new “blogMontessori BB” and I witness the progress of the youngest, it’s great! Let me tell you that you are a model for us all!

Thank you again.

Elodie Mantion.


It’s great. It is very nice. I liked the first part of the reasons and objections to the school at home. A.M.


I enjoy my last order, your book is a mine of information. It is also very … reassuring about the Education in family.
Thank you again.



I am pleased to inform you of the receipt of your shipment.

Former teacher, a few times book review for the magazine: “The educational specifications” I wrote to your attention the following criticism that you can release the web however, if you wish.

Teach and educate his children himself as a family is not only possible but desirable.Eighteen years ago, my wife dared the same alternative for our son with happiness and success. There are eighteen such a book badly needed for parents who dared, as we risk thefreedom. Bankruptcy proven elitist school system inherited from the political and social conditions of the second half of the twentieth century led and will lead each year more and more parents to seek an alternative to physical and intellectual confinement of their children inan educational institution that n ‘has failed or may have evolved (despite the constant efforts ofrenovation undertaken by teachers and teachers alone or militants in educational movements). Murielle Lefevre’s book is undoubtedly indispensable reference book for all parents who dare and provide the means to offer a real child without a school for their children 365 days a year.

ps1 (which see): book to get, of course, for those of my colleagues in office who still hope tomake the school one day a living place that welcomes their application for children andparents and not more students. ps2 (which see): thanks to the father, “without which this would have been” … I go to the heart.

Albert gehant (former teacher, professor of sports Retired)


Hello and Thank you!

I finally received your book,

I am happy because just a few pages and I take my choice!

Tomorrow the group of non-school in the area, we do our non-school year at the beach, there will be a dozen families at least … What a joy!

Thank you for this little gem that I think will better enable the development of our family.

Sincerely, J.


Hello to you, Murielle and all other Moms!

I delight in your blog and wanted me to participate in working hard for some time. I am the proud mother of Antoninus, who four months, and continues to learn (while having fun of course!). It is not easy to find evidence on the early learning of young children, and I think that my experiences Montessori, and also my trial and error, could perhaps be of interest to other moms?

Thank you for all you do: I think the French education is not quite the same without the incredible work that you provided and communicated. I refer, among other things, your workon the “home school” which has profoundly inspired my practice … Class! (and yes, I amProfessor of schools …). Cheers to you!

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